New designed René Hagmann
Custom RM 09 trombone hand rest.


Our new designed RM 09 hand rest is suitable for all tenor and bass trombones. Introduced 10 years ago, the demand still grows steadily. We tend to believe its high level of efficiency is our best promotion.

Holding the instrument becomes effortless and comfortable. Our hand rest releases all tension on your fingers when using both F and Gb levers.

The extra soft leather pad combined with the articulated spherical mount perfectly fits the shape of your hand. Top quality hide is used for durability but the cushion can be purchased separately (product #RM 54) when worn out.

In order to be compatible with all existing compact cases, our hand rest can be disassembled in the wink of an eye (no tool required). It is made up of:

  • A connecting ring which is permanently fixed to the instrument brace,
  • A pad assembly which screws on to the ring using a threaded sleeve.

The bevelled edges on both the connecting ring and the threaded sleeve inner rods allow you to memorize the initial fit. Endless adjustment options optimize superlative comfort.

If you own two instruments, you may purchase an extra connecting separately and use the pad assembly on both.

The René Hagmann custom hand rest is suitable to practically all trombone brands providing the brace enables an available mounting length of at least 12 mm with a ranging diameter from 9.5 mm to 12.0 mm. Reducing sleeves are supplied to match intermediate diameters.

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