Our multi-bore slide receiver


The slide receiver is the conical female tubing section in which the slide is inserted. Ours is dedicated to all symphonic trombones featuring a.547"/13.9 mm. bore, like the Bach 42B, Courtois 420, Edwards’s models, etc.

For most favorable results when converting or making a trombone, one should use:

  1. The appropriate René Hagmann Free Flow valve, dedicated to the instrument design
  2. A continuous F wrap matching the trombone nominal bore
  3. A slide receiver with corresponding length and bore

Do not hesitate to contact us if you need further assistance.

Experimentation has led us to believe that the length and geometry of the air column in the slide receiver are of utmost importance for the general emission, the balance between registers and the overall tone color. The critical zone, so called the "chamber", is located between the conical end of the slide and the valve duct.

Our exclusive multi-bore slide receiver comes complete with a set of two interchangeable inserts designed to modify the diameter of the chamber. The diameter of this zone may thus be reduced from 16 to 14 mm on about 16 mm. of the receiver length. Our standard assembly includes both 14 mm. and 15 mm.bore inserts with their adequate extracting tool.

It has the following incidence on the overall sound:

Please note we manufacture any intermediate insert upon special request.

Thanks to our multi-bore slide receiver, the performer can customize his sound and truly improve the overall quality of his instrument.